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This is the Main Guideline, Quality matters all. We just acknowledge the articles which are extraordinarily composed for this site. In the event that you specify the past article of this site in your article, It would be highly welcomed.

No republishing of old article:-

If it's not too much trouble verify that you are not presenting any article which is replicated from your own web journal or from somewhere else on the web. We entirely don't endure that. As such, it must be another post composed by you. Since we don't have room schedule-wise to spend for any copyright claim.

Subject pertinent to the title:-

Your post ought not be something which is not in the least identified with the title/theme you've picked.

Least 500 words:-

Your work which you want to have as a guest post on my blog should be at-least not less than 1000 words to be given a shot at getting shared on this blog.

Self advancement: -

You are permitted to add the very connection to your work in the said post. Conceivably and ideally at the earliest reference point or end of the post. We'd acknowledge in the event that you can compose an awesome article, consequently you are allowed to give connection backs to your site or page. (backlinks) At most you are permitted to have a solitary backlink in the post you wish to share on leXHansplaCE

No connections to irrelevant destinations or offshoot joins:-

In any case, please take note of that, we won't acknowledge presents that connection on destinations that are inconsequential to the post shared. Accordingly interfaces that identified with the post or to you will be totally dismisses without notification. We claim all authority to alter the post as required (for instance, to settle spelling or sentence structure blunders) and to reject post that we feel is not suitable for leXHansplaCE


Guest posting on my blog is absolutely free but should please meet the requirements for it to stand a chance.