$25 Earned From Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer affiliate program is one thing i think is good... I woke up this morning to see an email from Payoneer notifying me that I've received referral reward from them. 

How and why you may ask me?

I made a post sometime ago right HERE about the use of Payoneer to make online transactions, receive payments and funds from all around the world, YOU TOO SHOULD CHECK IT OUT
Lucky enough a few people (about 6, signed up using my link, not to worry am sure soon alot more will use the link to register and flood me up with loads of 25$ reward from Payoneer) See below image for confirmation.

Below is a deposit from them for the reward i got for having someone use my link sign up and also fund their card and make transaction with it.

Its that  simple, if you would also like to earn $25 bonus from Payoneer, Register Here and start promoting your unique Payoneer affiliate link through your blogs, on social media, and any which way you can make it possible. You never know who is out there that will use your link asap.

Have you signed up already? Have you earned a reward from the Payoneer Affiliate Program? Please let me know in the comment section below...


  1. Affiliate is something which I am not lookign for. But maybe in future, I will do it. Thanks for the tips by the way.

  2. Affiliate marketing is something that I am doing more now. It is great that you have been able to earn some money from Payoneer! x


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