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lets share a little time from our very busy moments and get to bond well with this well traveled family from Mumbai, India as they bring us close and personal into their travel selves and into their private life... awesome read it surely is for you..

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*leXHansplaCE: You are a travel blogger and from it all, what will you prefer to be called. Traveller or Tourist?

*Gobeyondbounds: Traveller. We love to explore and learn something new about the history and culture of every place. Its not just about taking pictures :)

Rashmi, Chhavi & Chalukya for lexhansplace
Rashmi, Chhavi & Chalukya: Location: Pisa, Italy

What are your names?

We are 'Chalukya' and my wife 'Rashmi'. We travel with our daughter 'Chhavi' who has been accompanying us on our travels since she was 6 months old.

Where are you from?

Mumbai, India.

What was upbringing like for you as a person?

We are both are lucky to be from a very liberal thinking family. Our parents too love travelling and have travelled much of India.

Are you married or single?

We are married.

Do you have kids? If yes… how many are they?

We have a daughter Chhavi who is now 2 years old.

How is traveling around the world for you both?

We travel as a family and we believe it is great to travel together than solo.

Do you both give yourselves much attention during your travels or is it just all about the trip?

Travel has been a passion for both of us. We have never traveled solo we believe exploring the unknown and cherishing the happy moments is doubled when shared with loved ones. We completely believe in being each other's better half.

What’s your best moment on travels?

Sitting on the pebble beach of Etretat in France and watching the sunset through the white chalf cliffs while Chhavi played with the pebbles.

Rashmi & Chalukya for lexhansplace
Rashmi & Chalukya: Location: Sintra, Portugal

How do you combine blogging, watching the kids and family generally?

We share the blogging business and manage it together. I work full time as a software engineer and my wife is homemaker managing household chores and our little angel. We invest our spare time into blogging.

You are a travel blogger and from it all, what will you prefer to be called? Traveller or Tourist?

Traveller. We love to explore and learn something new about the history and culture of every place. Its not just about taking pictures :)

You own a blog, a travel blog, why choose travel blogging from every niche out there? Passion or Influence? What inspired it?

Passion. To escape the hectic and monotonous 9 to 6 jobs and to respite from the hustle-bustle of the city we started exploring places in and around Mumbai. Mumbai monsoon is a boon for the trekking enthusiasts and the nature lovers. Hiking through the lush green forests, the gushing streams and chirping of the birds rejuvenated our spirits and refreshed our soul. And traveling became an indispensable part of our life. We then for reference of friends and family started jotting down our experiences and subsequently started a blog.

What is your blog link?

Ok, now tell me, what are your travel fears?

Traveling to a new place is always followed by surprises, we weren't really worried about these until we started traveling with our kid. We always hope that the environment, weather, etc turns out to be comfortable for our kid. Nevertheless, we are 101% prepared with a preplanned schedule for sightseeing, strict travel times to be home before dusk for kids evening feeds and good rest.

Rashmi: Location: BRUGES, Belgium for lexhansplace
Rashmi: Location: BRUGES, Belgium

What are your biggest travel challenges?

The challenge was traveling with our kid. As stated we started traveling with our kid when she was 6 months old. But now she is well acquainted with traveling after traveling to 19 countries till now. We travel with our little daughter and so we try to spend our day during trips as planned.

Tell a little about your travel experience?

traveling had always been our passion and we explored most part of India but international travel was kind of dreamy due to financial issues. Luckily for us, we got an offer to work in Switzerland for a year and we grabbed this opportunity to explore much of Europe. Europe is best to travel with kids that may be a reason we could cover so many countries with our kid. Countries in Europe are well connected by Rail and flights which also made our trips easy and comfortable.

Solo travel or travel with companions, which is best to you?

Traveling with a company is best. Exploring beautiful places, wonderful nature, stunning architecture, incredible history and sharing happy moments can be best done with loved ones.

Who do you miss the most when you travel?

Our parents too have a passion for traveling and love to explore new places. We invited them to Europe to join us on a trip to Paris, Rome and most of Switzerland. We wish they could join us on many more trips.

While on travels, tell me your very best meal or that quick food you cannot go a day without?

We have enjoyed devouring on local specialties but Mc Donalds or Subway have always come to our rescue whenever we need a quick meal. Besides we always carried home cooked food for our kid and got it microwaved in one of these joints, the people in  Mc Donalds or Subway have been very understanding and helpful.

As a traveler who goes around the world, you are always on the move so tell me, which goes for you? Coffee or Tea?


From your tea or coffee question, which country from your travel lists has the best of it?

Portugal and southern part of India.

Going a little bit deeper on this very question now, don’t get emotional but just tell me which country from the countries you have visited has the friendliest set of people?

Switzerland. People always greeted us when commuting in train or buses. They were always the first to strike a conversation. If they could not continue due to language problem as do not know English in Switzerland they would at least try entertaining our kid in their own lovely way.
Chalukya & Chhav: Location: Reichenbach, Switzerland for lexhansplace
Chalukya & Chhavi: Location: Reichenbach, Switzerland

How many countries have you visited? Mention a few of the countries you have been to, like 5 if possible.

So far we have been to 20 countries. 19 with our daughter... France, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

The longest you have stayed away from home?

Our longest trip is 15 days to United Kingdom where we traveled to all 4 countries of UK England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We needed a separate visa to visit the UK so we wanted to make complete use of the visa so planned to cover much of UK.

What’s that best travel advice you have ever received from people when on travels? And from who in particular gave you this advice?

Best advice was to travel like locals and explore city on foot or at the least through the public transport. Advice not in particular by anyone but we got them through reading numerous travel blogs.

The worst travel advice you ever got on travel and from whom?

Worst and frustrating travel advice was on how we should travel with kids, because every parent knows how to take care of their kids than anyone else.

If you were to choose from your visited countries, which of them will you want to live in?


What is the farthest destination you have ever traveled to?

We have traveled in Europe and its well connected with rails and flight so it was easy for us to travel different countries. So basically yet to make that farthest destination.

If given the chance to write a novel or short story on any of your trips around the world, which of the travels will you pick and why?

We would we glad to write about our experiences on our trip to Ladakh in India which was our unplanned trip, we had most memorable moments, biked through snow-capped mountains, river rafting, etc.

What is it that you have wished you brought back from a travel that you never did? And from which destination is it?

Glass works of Murano, Italy are incredibly stunning. We wished to get some back home.

Chalukya: Location: Oeschinensee, Switzerland for lexhansplace
Chalukya: Location: Oeschinensee, Switzerland
Rashmi: Location: Bernese Oberland, Switzerland for lexhansplace
Rashmi: Location: Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Do you send post cards when away from home?

No. We take GBs of pictures and share them.

Tell me your favorite pet?


Your best weather for travels in your various destinations?

Depends on the destination that we travel, but we believe that there is something new and beautiful to explore in all seasons.

You have a list of countries you want to visit someday, so can you tell me just 3 from that list, and why you want to visit these 3 countries?

Tibet – To visit monasteries.

Turkey – To visit Cappadocia fairytale chimney.

Africa – Wild Life Safari

What’s your bag-pack like for travels? Can you reveal what and what you take along for your travels?

Pack light for self and everything possible for kid right from food to her favorite toys.

Every travel blogger or traveler generally have that social platform were people get to interact with them, see images and videos of their travels. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Can you share your social links so people can connect with you?





You got any advice for every travel blogger out there who you feel need to get knowledge of them?

Get learned about the culture and history of the place before you visit. When you visit and explore things respect their culture and lifestyle. Explore like a local to get the most.


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