MEN!!! How much Love and Affection is a WOMAN worth to you?

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She is your woman and should be treated as one... The amount of affection you show to a woman can never equal that which she will give to you. They are soft natured and deser‎ve the very best in life.

Now can you do all these for her? YES you can, so let\'s check a few of them out below... 

1. When you wrong her, accept defeat, swallow your pride and apologies.

2. When she wrongs you, don\'t make her feel the world is over for her, draw her close and tell her how she went wrong and you both correct it.

3. When she watches your every move, allow her but hold her and look deep into her eye and assure her that she\'s safe.

4. When she acts territorial, relax for she only wants the best for herself and for you.

5. When she doesn\'t call you, make that move and do the calling.

6. When she doesn\'t text you, pick that phone of yours and text her.

7. Tell her you love her time and again, and please always show her that you truly do.

8. When you make your money, divide it into 5 and give her 4, you know why? Your woman plans for you both and financially they know and will help you \'spend n manage your money wisely\'.

9. When she\'s sick, pet her, cuddle her, pay attention to her and give her the world to aid her recovery but don\'t stop there, continue even after she recovers.

10. Always tell her how beautiful she looks in her dress/make-up. Why? You are her mirror and you shouldn\'t allow another man tell her about her good looks.

11. Give her all the time, attention and play she needs. Why? Women love attention like kids.

12. Call her pet-names. 

13. No matter how wrong she offends you, don\'t you ever raise a hand on her. Walk out of the area if you are angry, but still you shouldn\'t be angry for she\'s your woman. (you don\'t want your woman to be scared of you? Do you? ).
14. Treat her like a princess and she\'ll treat you like a prince.‎

15. Buy her gifts always not only on her birthday. 

16. Follow her to the salon to make her new hair.

17. Take her out for dinner once in a while, pay the bills and give her that royal feeling.

18. Follow her to the market and stores for shopping, great couples do things together.

19. Do from 1 to 18 and always remember that she is your woman.

20. If you can do #19, now add more you can do for your woman below.

*note* Celebrate women, (your mum, sisters, aunts, girlfriend, wife) for they need all the love, care and attention they can get..‎


  1. Nice to see a write up of this nature that focuses on the men. The truth is when a man loves his woman right, he brings out the best in her. And when a woman is at her best, the relationship is sweeter. It's a virtuous circle.


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