3 Simple ways to control your emotions... ANGER.

How are you able to control your anger and things of the emotion that aren't on the good side with we humans?

Being able to control your anger is the main reason for this very post. It is weird and absurd to show your anger constantly so in the process of writing this, i hope we learn a few ways to control our anger, or to show your anger in ways that will be productive and not destructive.

Yes, we do get angry every now and then, but each time something bothers or pushes you to the edge of a situation isn't the right time to show your anger rather you have to channel it into a higher pursuit, don't let it eat and devour you so you come out being a success and a winner in the fight on ANGER.
3 simple ways to control your emotions

Remember that there is a wise saying thus {The best revenge or remedy for anger is success}.

Every human has his weakness and so does that same human have his or her strength so until you are able to channel it properly and utilize it for the very best of life so it counts more real.

How can you channel this in the right direction?

These  3 simple ways should serves as the very basic steps for every human to take in achieving a long lasting solution to the struggles in controlling your emotions, ANGER... it may work for some but not all yet i suggest you try them out and you will see great positives from this as it worked for a few friends of mine.

The first step to control your emotions (here we talking of anger) is to understand what lead to it.

The second step is to believe in yourself.

Now after you have understood where and what lead to it, believed in your ability to overcome it, the third step to follow is clear as you now do the both as one for self actualization... yes its time for you to implement these inner strength gotten from your anger and trust me when you do this a lot will be a success story for you because when you do this, you just got revenge on anger.

By implementing this, some say they WALK OUT OF THE AREA WHERE THE ANGER ISSUES STARTED, SOME SAY THEY LISTEN TO MUSIC, SOME SAY THEY READ THEIR HOLY SCRIPTURES, SO GET BUSY WITH THEIR PETS, SOME READ NOVELS, SOME GET INTO VARIOUS CHORES OR WORK... all to prevent themselves from doing anything harmful to themselves or people around them.

now take a look at this few mentioned above and you will see how positively and productive your anger has been channeled instead of it being one for destruction it now serves a purpose..

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  1. i finally got the url to your blog,i typed your url it was leading me to another site


    1. am glad you were able to connect back again...welcome

  2. Controlling my anger and frustration is something I need to work on too! It definitely helps to figure out what the cause was and then find a way to rechannel that energy into something better. Great post!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. Thank you Andrea, please do, and i wish you the very best of luck as you go through this and come out of it a success...

  3. When I am angry,I go quiet. I don't talk.

    Come visit me on...

  4. Thank you so much for this post. Anger has been one of those problems for me, but these steps will help me "channel" it into something meaningful.

    1. AMEN and am glad you now see it diffremtly.work more on that ok.


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