Clear your eye off 'THE LOG of WOOD' before removing someone else's

Check your motive. Your goal should be to help, not humiliate. 

- Make sure the issue is worthy of criticism. Does it really matter? 

- Be specific. Don't drop hints, but clearly name the problem. 

- Don't undermine the person's self-confidenceor identity.

 Make it obvious that you value the person. 

- Do not postpone needed criticism. If the issue is big, act now. 

- Look at yourself looking at others. Take the log out of your own eye. 

- End criticism with encouragement. Finish on a positive note.


  1. These are some great points you make. It is always better to talk it through in your mind before allowing yourself to speak. Sometimes it is better to NOT say something than to say something and cause a dispute.

    1. so long you are cool with this am glad i made this....


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