The RULES.....

Rule number one: 

Trust no one! 

Rule number two: 

Have friends but always have a third eye to see their bullshit because they will stab U one day. 
Rule number three:

If everyone like you, then you are doing something wrong. 

Rule number four: 

It's ok to fail, it's part of being successful. 

Rule number five: 

If you are the smartest amongst your friends then it's about time U left. Be with people that will push you, encourage you and make U look dumb. That's the best way to learn to be wise. 

Rule number six: 

Never forget rule number 2. 

Rule number seven: 

Let's all try and make it to heaven!


  1. Very useful tips for life and success.I was once told to surround myself with people that are more talented than me as that was the only way I was going to progress. Its so true x

    1. u are very correct and calculatv, am glad u workd ob gttn and becoming a better person.

  2. Great analysis lex though the 3rd rule is quite controversial

    1. lol, i knew someone will tackle that number 3 but its the honest truth about life..

  3. The first two were very cynical.... But number 5 is very true! "You are the average of the five people you are with the most"

    1. now you get it right again Ashley... tnx for stopping by as always... number 5....


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