Happy New Year.. We Made it.

This is me (leXHan).... Site owner of leXHansplaCE saying a very warm and big Happy New Year to each and everyone of you who has made this wonderful journey a success..... (2015crossover).

You made it a great success for me and I can't thank you enough.. From your Visits, to your Comments, to your Shares, to your Bookmarks, to all forms of engaements on this very site..
Now My Direct Family.. I thank God for my FAMILY (my Dad, Sisters, In-law, my late Mum -Continue to rest with GOD Mum, I will forever luv you.). My Bro-In-Law Philip 'God bless and be with you'. Aunt Obi 'God bless you', Aunt Ndidi continue to rest with God almighty and along with Mum please watch over us.

My Better-Half... You have been a strong back-bone to me and a blessed source of joy too, God bless and always keep you for me. (Oya chop kiss '''Muuuaaaahhhhh).

My Friends: I know it will sound wierd to loads of people when I say friends but c'mon you gotta have a few though so from Lagos (Fadobubu, Javoy, Nancy) to Awka (Chante, Virus, Saphina, Okeriti, Nk, Amara, EmmyBat, Austinabalano, Flora, Gabson, Miracle, Ajlee, MyladyEM -ur still my LadyEM anyday/anytime, SomuchMore, Thinker, Dr90210, Shekinah, Gwen, Abraham n Prince) to Onitsha (Chiedu, Jackson, Bombo, CY) and to places I know we connected.... God bless and grant you your heart desires..

My blogsphire 'blogger-mates', I can mention a few names I have come along to know from this very site ranging from Caroline, ChelseaNorwood, Flirty&Fiesty, Jahn, Chincobee, Mimi, BMF, Adenegift, Gloria, Alabekee, Naijamum-, Ablemojah, Val, Every member of BLOGGERSCREED -una dey burst ma brain with inspiration, I can go on and mention and this post will be filled with your names...

To my anonymous blog visitors n floxy, I say thank you for visiting and pls do visit again and again..

Who else? Uhmmmmmm, can't remember.
All in all I wish you all the very best this year has to offer each and everyone of us... God bless and Happy New Month also..


*NOTE: if your name no enter here, abeg I have you at heart o....*
2015 is gone, and 2016 is here.....LET'S DO IT AGAIN...


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    1. thanks dear... we shall have a better year!... our year of spreading!!!!! 2016

  2. Thanks for being there in 2015. Let's do it again 2016


  3. As I dey always talk. "Na God get power oo" tuale to baba God

  4. What a beautiful list of people in your life <3

    1. yea ryt caroline, they defntly are, you are in the list too... hahahahaha, hope i didnt go way far adding your name...

  5. Happy New Year brother! All the best in 2016. keep it up! :)

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    1. most defntly it is, and you too Ashley, tnx for bng part of 2015 and lets make 2016 rock..

  7. HNY lexhan darling, nice post.

    Men's nails, hands and feet: the art of manliness! http://fabulousdami.blogspot.com/2016/01/men-nails-art-of-manliness.html

    1. tnx dami darling..... will chck out this post u have here too... tnx for stoppn by

  8. happy new year! :)


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