Haba !!! Are you this stingy or selfish?

Humans they say can be funny!!!... Yet they prove and claim to be smart....Its a common act of us humans to play smart when we need favours from fellow humans but play deaf when the same fellow humans need our help..

Yes leXhan said it... I did it sometime ago, but I know I had to put a stop to it as I noticed it ridiculed me in front of people...

But the question is Why? How? When? Where?

Ok, I'll tell you with examples...

As a blogger, I know loads of times I write some articles of mine 'Xclusive' and sometimes general news and gossips....

Now here is the issue...

1. I write an anrticle ans share it via BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc... And You, You and You don't read it, don't share it rather u just ignore my post...

2. I send links for my facebook page FACEBOOK and ask You, You and You to go like my page.. Yet you don't.

3. I send the link to my twitter handle TWITTER and ask You, You and You to please go follow my handle, Yet you don't.

4. I invite friends via facbook to like FACEBOOK but some decline..

5. I post on different media and you see, read them yet you can't even click the like button or even to share..

6. I put up Paid items and you don't respond or reply, but when I put up freebies, you rush to enjoy them n varnish when its finished.

7. I seek help for something from you that requires cash, you tell me stuffs like, 'I broke die, I no get cash for hand, my ATM no good, my bank get issue, the money at hand is just for t-fair or some silly excuses.

8. I ask for knowledge from you on something yet you don't give an atom of it..

9. I seek help via words of encouragement from You, You and You, yet you get stingy with your words... Haba!!!

I can go on and on, but when you have something you need help with you remember that I exist right?

C'mon give yourself a break and be real... I live a life of 50:50...

Now after reading this and you don't share it... Then I'l know you are more than stingy or selfish.

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And also..

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*Signed: leXHan..


  1. lols...how funny life goes.... truly people do this and its annoying...dem go want ur help but cnt help you...

  2. Hahahahahahahaha....I couldn't help but laugh out loud while reading this post. You're such a funny guy Lexhan

  3. Eehn, I tire for some people. You will
    have loads of friends yet u will see just one comment on the blog. I have decided to careless about it

    1. lols, yes, doh i sometyms caremore dan less on this issue...

  4. nyc and amazing post :) keep it up :)

  5. Well its sometimes like that but you gotta keep grinding Hard bro....funny U


  6. alot of people be doing this with confidence yet they expect you to do the same for them...

  7. Loool..... So true.... I almost felt guilty at a point tho. Hehe.


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