before you say lexhansplace
Today before you say an unkind word -

Consider somebody who can't talk.

Before you grumble about the essence of your sustenance -

Consider somebody who has nothing to eat.

Before you grumble about your spouse or wife -

Consider somebody who's shouting out to GOD for a partner.

Today before you grumble about existence -

Consider somebody who went too soon to paradise.

Before you grumble about your youngsters -

Consider somebody who wants youngsters yet they're infertile.

Before you contend about your grimy house somebody didn't clean or compass -

Think about the individuals who are living in the avenues.

Before whimpering about the separation you drive

Consider somebody who strolls the same separation with their feet.

What's more, when you are drained and grumble about your occupation -

Think about the unemployed, the handicapped, and the individuals who wish they had your employment.

Be that as it may, before you consider directing the finger or censuring another -

Keep in mind that not one of us is without sin and we all response to one MAKER.

What's more, when discouraging musings appear to get you down -

Put a grin all over and express gratitude toward GOD you're alive and still around.


  1. No matter the situation you find yourself, be thankful

  2. Nice post, Appreciate God for everything even in a bad situation.

    miimi's diary  

  3. If there's nothing to be thankful for, the fact that I'm alive today is enough reason to show gratitude to God. Nice post bro

  4. have been thanking God for life, i can't explain eehh, i just cant explain what you have done. Lexhan, dont you think people need to see this? Don't worry i will cover that area.. off to share!!


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