Lexhansplace is +1#

Lexhansplace is +1#

Lexhansplace is 1# Today.

This is saying a very big thank you to everyone who have in one way or the other made this a success story.

From My Family to My Woman to My Friends to My Blog Visitors/Readers and also to other Bloggers who Inspire me...... You guys ROCK for without you, the spirit to keep doing what I do here on leXHansplaCE will not be a reality today...

A journey that started way back a few years ago but I left it all only to come back to it again on the 14th August 2014 to make the dream a success... And here it is today....

In celebration of this Landmark... Freebies will be up for grabs via Teasers/Games and More for a few days via my blogs social platforms...

Participate and be a part of My Blog's success story... Thank you and see you on the platforms provided...

*Note invite your friends to Like my page and also follow my handle..

Special Thanks.. 

To God Almighty.

To my Dad 'Mr. Lawrence Menkiti'.

To my Mum 'Mrs. Mirian Menkiti' (Continue to Rest in the Lord's place).

To my 5 Wonderful and Loving Sisters..(I cldnt have asked for better Sisters than you 5).

To my BetterHalf...Baby You'r the best.

To my regular Blog commentators (Chincobee, Alabekee, GloriaAkham, Folashina, Glowyshoes).

To my Friends (Princess -Dazzleinc-, Fadabobu, Javoy, Ono, Okeriti, Amara (APN), Ifeco-OkoMomo, Austino-Balano, Luckaino-Mr.P, Virus, Linda, Happiness, Nk, Gwen, Abigail, Abraham, Dera, Favour, Maxbat-Onyefi, Jessica, Amara, E-boy, Val-Stinger, Lord-Gab, Kingsomuchmore, Deejay Young, Depisit, Palotti.

To all those I have forgotten to mention there names..

I say Dalu/Ose/Thank-You..

#TeamLeXHan #TeamleXHansplaCE #TeamBlogger #TeamGodfirst #TeamSuccess #Teamselfbelieve #TeamLegit




  1. @LexHansplace by dis tym nxt year ur blog wil d talk of d town......More blessin

  2. Congrats dear.... wherever the blog is right now will be the minimum it will ever be. You are going higher, going places. Wishing you the best in years to come

    Thanks for the mention!!!!!


  3. Somebody shout hallelujahhhhhh... Hallelujahhhhhh
    A big congrats to you. I love Inspirational stories. May your days of blogging from henceforth bring you fulfillment.. That giveaway sounds good.


  4. thanx alot at gloria..okaiman, sorry i mispelt ur name in the shout out.... will mk corrections..


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