Exclusive!! leXHan gets Up close and personal with Jaycee Jennifer.

Up close and personal with Jaycee Jennifer.

In this exclusive interview, leXHansplace took time out to hookup with longtime friend and Fashion lover Jaycee Jennifer, she got to open up on a lot about herself and career...
Read through and get to know the other side of a young and vibrant lady doing her best to carve a Landmark career..
*I'm ME and whatever anyone has "to say about me is their opinion"* she says..

(Lexhansplace: Tell us ur names in full, lexhansplace will like to meet you.....

Jaycee Jennifer: O, Ok, Adikaibe Jennifer D.C

Lexhansplace will like to know what the D.C in your names stands for...

Jaycee Jennifer: Diana Chinenye

Lexhansplace: Frm the popular name you are known with, Jaycee n all together, Where in the east are you from.

Jaycee Jennifer: Imo state, Mgbidi precisely, Oru West LGA

Lexhansplace: so tell me about your family, and growing up...

Jaycee Jennifer: I don't talk much about my family...But I come from a family of 7... 5children and Mom n Dad. I'm the first, Growing up for me wasn't all fun cos I was the first child and had to show a good example to my siblings, So, mostly, I'm acting the good girl... Lol..But I grew up a happy child.
Lexhansplace: tell us about your academics..

Jaycee Jennifer: Had my primary education at Solon Int School, Lagos, Junior secondary at Springboard College, and senior secondary at Ansar-Ud-Deen Comprehensive Senior High School.
Lexhansplace: Every woman has an intrest/career goal in life, what is yours?

Jaycee Jennifer: As I grew up, things definitely did change including goals and aspirations...But for now, I'm living my life for the success of others cos I believe that's how I will attain my own success...I'm almost certain that you've never heard anything like this before... Lol.
Lexhansplace: Lolz, sure yes I haven't heard this before, so tell me 'When you say success of others' what do you mean?

Jaycee Jennifer: I like to work behind the scene, i.e working for the success of something without being noticed by the public for being part of that project but somehow, I find inner peace that way... I might not get all the spotlight now but at the appropriate time, the pieces of the puzzle will come together and give me my big break and at that time, I wouldn't need to introduce myself..... Just like the director/producer of a movie or a script writer.... They don't get applauded all the time but instead, its the actors... But when they eventually get recognised due to the success of the movie, their name would definitely pop and baaam! They hit the target mark... Might not be immediately, but over time, it will. Smiles!!
Lexhansplace: Yes, dats true.... So let's get personal and ask Jaycee Jennifer or Adikaibe Jennifer C.D about her emotions... Is Jaycee Jennifer in a relationship?
Jaycee Jennifer: Could you please change that C.D to D.C, please? Thank you

Lexhansplace: Lexhan surely will

Jaycee Jennifer: Yes, I'm in a relationship

Lexhansplace: Lexhan will like to know more about it....

Jaycee Jennifer: I'm a very private person and that's a private issue and as such be treated as one.
Lexhansplace: Are you saying that there is a he but the he is private, or Jaycee Jennifer doesn't want to talk about it?

Jaycee Jennifer: Yes! There's a HE, he is private and I don't want to talk about it...Even though he would climb to the mountain tops and scream out loud to whoever cares to listen about me... But we understand ourselves tho! Lol.
Lexhansplace: Ok, dat reminds me, you were once linked up with top Designer 'EAT' Ejiro Amos Taffiri, tell lexhansplace about it, r u stl linkd up or not, we want to know about that bonding...

Jaycee Jennifer: I still am... Always will... Even if I go to jericho and back, I'm still always welcome... "I love the fashion industry and her (Ejiro) as well... 4years and counting with her is no joke...

Lexhansplace: Wow, dats massive... You aim to be like her some day or even better I sopoz?

Jaycee Jennifer: Sure! Definitely... I'm working towards that... Still getting my acts together

Lexhansplace: some say you are a snub n kinda arrogant, though I know you a lill but I doubt, so what's your say about that?

Jaycee Jennifer: I'm ME and whatever anyone has to say about me s their opinion not mine
Lexhansplace: Ok then, I sopoz this interview is wort ur tym, as I am sure some people who don't know you better will know you inside now as you have opened up a little to lexhansplace.

Jaycee Jennifer: Yeah! Sure!...

Lexhansplace: If you have a word or two to people out ther? What is it goin to be?

Jaycee Jennifer: 1. Live every day like its your last. 2. make mistakes and learn from them or from other peoples mistake and be who you want to be, don't let others dictate it for you but positive advice is allowed! 3. Get a hobby like writing or singing or playing an instrument. 4. Let God and love lead.
Lexhansplace: oya give a shout-out to a few people you want to..

Jaycee Jennifer: S/O to all the creative and prolific writers in the world, fashion designers/personnel in the making, scientists, my favourite priest, family, friends and enemies alike. "Smiles"

Lexhansplace: Tnx for your time... Hopping to hear frm you again sometime in d future... We @lexhansplace do appric8...

Jaycee Jennifer: You're welcome!


  1. Determination leads to success, tnx @jaycee for ur tym....



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